WATCH: Sheriff Clarke Puts Anti-Cop Liberals To Shame

The notoriously conservative Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee is at it again doing an advertisement for the National Rifle Association. In the process he completely bashed all the leftist progressives of the country who criticize law enforcement officers and call for more gun control.

Watch the advertisement here,

Clarke talks about how ones honor is not defined by the criticism they receive. He castigated liberals for making their children fear the police, talking badly about them and shaming them for doing their job. Furthermore, he called them out for encouraging crowds, rioters, and protesters to attack them.

But he insisted that he and all other police officers will not allow that to interfere with the oath they took to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. That is true blue right there. He touted officers willingness to every day put themselves in the line of fire to protect innocent lives and save others.

Clarke also mentioned how police officers do not get to nor would they pick and choose who they serve and protect. Instead, they serve and protect every race, ethnicity, and religion that people identify as. Because after all, a person in need is a person in need. Good point Sheriff!

This advertisement came at the perfect time in light of the riots and protests going on in Charlotte recently as a result of the death of another African American man at the hands of a female police officer. The last thing we want is another Dallas to happen where police officers are hunted down and targeted just for wearing their uniform.

Regardless whether people want to admit it or not what Sheriff Clarke is saying is true. We now live in a society that thinks it is the cool thing to do to put down our hard working law enforcement officials. As a result hate is being nurtured for police officers in our low income communities. As Ben Carson said, the ones you really need to worry about are the people behind the curtains yanking the chains tearing everyone up by race, religion, ethnicity etc.

This is a dream come true for Democrat’s. They keep African Americans in predominately lower middle class and lower class income brackets which puts them at a higher chance of having run ins with the law. Then when they are attacked they point to the GOP and America and say we are racist. That way they can maintain the status quo and control of the government.

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