Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has become a favorite of conservatives across the nation.

That’s mostly due to his exceptionally strong pro-Second Amendment stance.

Sheriff Clarke has also been an outspoken critic of liberal policies, and how destructive they have been for black families.

He has called out the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for promoting and perpetuating such policies while stirring up racial strife.

Clarke also has a strong message for the contemptible Attorney General Eric Holder, who he has now challenged to a debate on the state of race relations in America today.

The Sheriff points out Holder’s infamous comment about America being a “nation of cowards” when it comes to discussing race, then mentions how he isn’t intimidated by liberals like Holder.


Sheriff Clarke is no coward, and his views on race are a lot more in line with the rest of America than Eric Holder’s.

A debate on race relations between the two of them would likely sell out an auditorium, or set a record for pay-per-view.

Clarke is itching for a chance to take on Holder, who he has called an “S.O.B.” for what he done to stir up protestors and tie the hands of police in Ferguson.

He also holds President Barack Obama accountable for fueling the protests and riots in Ferguson with his comments as well.

Sheriff David Clarke is awesome, and he could very well be the best man to take on Eric Holder, who needs a lesson on reality today.

His race baiting and pot stirring policies will only serve to make racial matters worse in America, not better.

Courtesy of Conservative tribune

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