Sheriff Clarke Issues Warning To Americans As Liberals Grow More Violent Against Conservatives (VIDEO)

This is only the beginning with the violence. We have violent leftists in this country and they will do everything they can to disrupt things. We allowed it to get to this point. Get prepared America.

Yes..we allowed it. We allowed the left to continue abusing and abusing and we just sit back and don’t do anything about it. Our side needs to grow balls and start fighting back. The only good thing about all this…is the left shows their true colors.  More people will see how violent they are…and that won’t win in the end. Most Americans wanna live in peace.

Lock and Load

From InfoWars

During an appearance on Hannity, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke accused anti-Trump rioters who violently attacked Trump supporters in San Jose last week of utilizing the same tactics that were used to silence and intimidate African-Americans in the south during the Jim Crow era.

Calling the incidents witnessed last week in San Jose “premeditated organized violence,” Sheriff Clarke labeled Mayor Sam Liccardo’s attempt to blame Trump for the unrest “ridiculous”. Read More

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