Sheriff Clarke: “It’s Time For Pitchforks & Torches in America!” Liberals FREAK – WATCH!

Sheriff Clarke is a respected conservative law enforcement news pundit and he has yet again laid down the law about the current state of affairs in the United States. On a segment of Fox & Friends on Fox New Channel he further described what he meant when he tweeted out a message saying it was pitchforks and torches time.

His original tweet was the following,

Listen as he defends his comments to Fox News anchors,

Clarke did not back down from his statements but instead vociferously defended them and compared his comments to that of Bernie Sanders, President Obama, and Frederick Douglas. He specifically said,

“I meant the same thing Frederick Douglass, the abolitionist, said, when he said the institution of slavery is an institution of brute force and it must be fought with its own weapons. I meant the same thing when Barack Obama in 2008 – in July of 2008 at a fundraiser in talking about how he would deal with Republicans when he said, ‘When they pull a knife, we’ll pull a gun.’ I said the same thing during the entire summer when we had to listen to Bernie Sanders the need for a revolution in America and the leftist media, Fox not included – Fox News, the leftist media had no problem with that.”

He has received some backlash in the media for seemingly encouraging violence or vigilante behavior. However, the very insinuation of that is utterly ridiculous. Considering the fact that he has dedicated his entire adult life to law enforcement and protecting the public the idea that he would endorse such an idea is lunacy.

However, with everything that is going on in reference to the rioting and protesting surrounding African Americans and police officers it is no wonder why he would think that this is what our society has devolved into. Because it certainly looks like that.

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