WATCH: Sheriff Clarke JUST Delivered his MOST POWERFUL Speech Yet “WE SHOCKED THE WORLD!”

President-elect Donald Trump did indeed shock the world with his election to the presidency of the United States. It was the US version of Brexit and rocked America as much as the Brits were rocked by their vote. Sheriff David Clarke in Wisconsin gave a fantastic speech addressing Trump’s historic win and how he played the media for fools. He addressed the fake news play that is going on out there and stated bluntly that none of this would stop Trump and Pence from marching into the White House.

Then he went on to cover the Russian influence in the election. Clarke brought up that George Soros should be investigated and I could not agree more. He funded riots that got cops killed and innocent people hurt. He also pointed a finger at the IRS attacking innocent Americans… finally he brought up investigating those that are threatening the electors who are going to cast their votes for Donald Trump. Clarke quoted the law (he should know) and how those people intimidating electors should be held accountable for criminal acts. It all comes down to the rule of law as it always has.

From TruthFeed:

Sheriff David Clarke delivered a barn-burner speech!

He talked about the FAKE NEWS and how Trump used the Muhammad Ali “rope a dope” trick on them to WIN the most historic political victory of our lifetime.

Amazing speech!

Sheriff Clarke stated that the Democrats never give up… they just regroup and use a campaign of menace. They’ll try every dirty trick in the book to get their way. It’s not going to work this time. President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence will be inaugurated on January 20th and Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. Despite all the gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes, the left can’t stop this now. Trump won fair and square and like demons having judgement passed on them, these thugs know their time is short and it shows.

Trump’s agenda will start being implemented next month. In fact, it already is. Clarke asked everyone if they are ready for a Trump presidency… they will have to gird themselves to faithfully support their Commander-in-Chief from the subversive actions of the left. He says to have their torches and pitchforks ready. A battle is coming.

I love Sheriff Clarke… he doesn’t hold back and tells it like it is. He is an awesome leader and in this video he shows it.

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