Sheriff Clarke Just WENT TO WAR With Liberals, And Then Judge Jeanine KNOCKED Them OUT! (VIDEO)

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro. He described progressive policies concerning race have assisted in fueling inner city violence.

He said,

Milwaukee is under control by these progressive, liberal Democrats. Their failed urban policies have wrecked the city of Milwaukee, the city that I grew up in, the city that I was raised in and have been a part [of] my whole life.”

Sheriff Clarke specifically pointed to lost jobs, a crumbling educational system and increase in single parent income homes. He said that other large cities across the United States struggle with the same issues. Cities such as St. Louis, Baltimore, and Chicago. He argued these variables have been,

exacerbated under this progressive idea of how to run cities.”

He went on to say,

Black people are resilient. We’ve overcome slavery, we’ve overcome Jim Crow. We have not been able to overcome modern liberalism and the progressive, liberal movement. That’s been a stifling thing for us. We have not figured that out.”

Sheriff Clarke went on to state that African Americans need to learn how to stand on their own two feet without the help and aide of the federal government. From programs such as food stamps, welfare, etc.

He said said this about African Americans,

They are being hoodwinked by the Democrat Party.”

Sheriff Clarke is a well respected conservative pundit on issues of race relations and law enforcement. He has ardently opposed liberal policies that he feels make inner city minorities dependent. His opinions are more poignant now than ever considering the racial based rioting that has taken place in Milwaukee over the last week.

Property damage and threats to the police have ensued after an African-American man who pulled a firearm on police was shot and killed by the officer he tried to kill.

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