Sheriff Clarke Has A Perfect Response For Michelle Obama’s Statement On Hopelessness

Sheriff Clarke is a well known Fox News contributor and member of the law enforcement community. He takes massive amounts of his own time to educate the public about what is really going on in terms of violence against police officers. As such, he is a stalwart members of the conservative movement. His response to First Lady Michelle Obama’s comments about the Trump administration being hopeless will make you happy!

First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with talk show host and media mogul Oprah Winfrey to discuss her husbands administration as well as what is to come under President Elect Trump. The interview will appear in a few days on December 19th. But CBS released a small segment of the interview to tease the release.

The segment shows Michelle Obama insisting that hope was an integral part of President Obama’s campaign not for political reasons but because hope is necessary when you have nothing else. Most importantly, now more than ever Americans know what it feels like to be hapless and hopeless.

Her obvious point is that now that President Elect Trump has been elected Americans are feeling hopeless. Which is entirely inaccurate. Millions of Americans are feeling intense hope. As is the Down Industrial Average considering it has skyrocketed since President Elect Trump’s win. And it is expected to grow. Because people feel HOPE.

But Sheriff Clarke had the absolute best and simply articulate response that did not require much! He took to Twitter to send out the following message,

Sheriff Clarke’s message to the First Lady is loud and clear. Liberals hoplessness is no different than the hoplessness conservatives felt during the last eight years under President Obama. He hit that on point.

Yet somehow they want to make it appear like it is the end of the world because in doing so it makes them feel better about their inadequacies and failings to make others look worse. When in reality, it is not worse, it is better. And President Elect Trump will make America great again!

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