Sheriff Clarke OBLITERATES Anti-Trump Thugs With 3 Epic Words (VIDEO)

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching Sheriff Clarke lay down the law.

He has to be the one to do it, because as we saw in San Jose, when Trump supporters were being attacked they stood by idly doing nothing. Apparently 250 armed police officers couldn’t contain 400 protestors.

These people clearly are a threat, and as RightWingNews reports, Clarke has a few questions…

For those Americans who may not follow the political process closely, we are seeing really violent outbursts in our streets and people bleeding and chased down. That fear is exactly what the leftist thugs want people to feel. Sheriff Clarke knows this all too well, and he was on Sean Hannity’s show last night, informing Americans about the violent tactics, as well as Lynch’s role in allowing illegal alien thugs to attack peaceful Americans attending a rally.

“Well, this is premeditated organized violence and these are riot-makers that show up at these events. What the mayor said was obviously ridiculous. But, Sean, what I’m ticked off about right now is why Attorney General Loretta Lynch has not dispatched the FBI and dispatched lawyers from the Civil Rights Division to investigate and prosecute and identify people who are using the same type of tactics that were used in the Jim Crow south to frighten and intimidate blacks from participating in the voting process.”

In the Jim Crow south Clarke refers to, when African-Americans were first given the right to vote, it was the Democrats who gathered white trash thugs to attack them and intimidate them to prevent them from voting. Not much has changed from back then, as again it’s the Democrats and those who own Hillary Clinton who are paying for these anti-Trump thugs we see today.

The FBI will investigate Trump’s butler for comments he made on Facebook – but those actually inciting violence? Nope.

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