Sheriff Clarke RIPS APART Obama’s ‘Insulting’ Commencement Speech (VIDEO)

Of course, to Obama, everyone is a victim, especially blacks. Us “evil” white people keep people of color down because we’re “racists.” Sheriff Clarke is right on in his assessment of Obama’s commencement speech to graduates at Howard U.

President Obama, in his commencement at speech at Howard University, said: “people who have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky.”

Sheriff David Clarke slammed Obama: “Obama is lucky, he who went from a community organizer to commander-in-chief.”

“He doesn’t believe in human potential,” Clarke asserted. “He doesn’t believe in a person’s ability to work hard, persevere, overcome obstacles and go on to reach greatness.”

“It’s just the wrong message to give young minds coming out of college,” Clarke said. “Don’t blame racism, don’t blame the world for not being fair. It should have been that kind of message. That’s what young people need to hear.”

“Of course, he never misses an opportunity to play the race card.”

Via CT

When I went to college, I worked full time, and rented an office to live out of to save money so I could focus on my studies & grades. I didn’t complain about my situation, or blame the “system” because I didn’t have a nice place to live, or because I had to be up at 6 am every morning to avoid the maintenance manager so he wouldn’t find out I was living out of the office.

I didn’t complain that I had to go to a gym every morning to take a shower. I didn’t complain that I only got 6 hours of sleep a night because of work & school. I just went out & kicked a**, made national honors, got honors scholarships, and had a 4.0.

Obama thinks everyone (especially blacks) are entitled to “easy” things because they are victims. His world view is dangerous, and will only lead to a generation of professional “blamers.” Nothing is their fault, because they’re victims. They’ll never know the satisfaction of working hard for something & succeeding.

Somehow, we have to reverse Obama’s and libs’ entitlement narrative. Sheriff Clarke is doing us a service by speaking out against it. More of should, too.


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