Sheriff Clarke Is Leading Candidate For VERY Important Trump Cabinet Position, You’ll Cheer

Sheriff Clarke, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, Dr. Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Rudolph W. Giuliani these are all names I’d like to see surrounding Trump in his cabinet. However, despite what the LEFT demands, we can’t always have what we want…

HOWEVER! There is talk that we might be able to see Sheriff Clarke play a bigger role in protecting our nation, and watching over those that do it. This is something to be excited for! If it’s true…it is going to mean, common sense is going to make a comeback in this country in a big way.

I cannot wait!

America’s favorite Sheriff has always taken a HUGE stance when it comes to serving and protecting American citizens.

In a quite spectacular turn of events, Sheriff Clarke had early on became a backer for President-Elect Trump’s campaign. He even gave a STUNNING speech on Trump’s behalf during the Republican National Convention earlier this year, that gave America some major Patriotic goosebumps.

Here it is, if you didn’t get a chance to witness it then:

That is a speech, I could watch over and over. It never gets old, and that’s not just because I come from a family of Police Officers. It is because he speaks the truth…without fear.

So, now that Trump is assembling his cabinet, there is strong speculation that Trump has recognized Sheriff Clarke’s ability for leadership…there is hope that he will appoint this great Sheriff to a crucial position in his cabinet.

When Politico listed its’ list of possibilities for Trump’s cabinet options, it was Sheriff Clarke’s name that came up and only his name for the position of Secretary of Department of Homeland Security.

Said the site, “One person close to Trump’s campaign said David Clarke, the conservative sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, is a possible candidate for Homeland Security secretary.”

What do you think? Are you for this kind of move for the good Sheriff?

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