Sheriff Clarke Just Received The Best News Of His Life From President-Elect Trump

One man’s dream job is another man’s nightmare.

Sheriff David Clarke has been Obama’s worst nightmare, and it’ll be one Obama can’t wake from if Clarke is chosen for the role of Homeland Security Secretary. The rumor is that Sheriff Clarke is being considered for a position in Donald Trump’s administration. Trump is looking for the right man to help defend this country from attacks foreign and domestic.

Milwaukee County sheriff, David Clarke is an unwavering staunch conservative, who tells it how it is. He accepts no non-sense and refuses to allow the far-left to spew their ugly rhetoric in his presence. He certainly represents law in order. Clark made a national name for himself after he spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer. His support for the republican candidate Trump in the race for the presidency never faltered. This Wednesday, in true patriotic fashion, he described the protesters demonstrating and rioting as “radical anarchists”. We could be sure Sheriff Clark would carry out orders from the President of widespread deportation and building the wall to protect our borders.

With the threats of terror attacks in the U.S., Donald Trump will be looking for the right leadership in the Department of Homeland Security. Clarke is certainly one of the best choices for the position. If Trump is looking for a man who holds his ideals and is not afraid to speak his mind then Clarke has better chances then most. Clarke’s reputation proceeds himself as a man not be be crossed. He is strong physically, mentally and morally.

Need a reminder of Sheriff Clark’s resistant to left-wing news B.S.? Check out this video of him taking on CNN anchor, Don Lemon. Clarke does not stand for the narrative that Black Lives Matter is “just a peaceful protest movement.”

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