Sheriff Clarke UNLEASHED Hell On Hillary And Obama For Fueling War On Cops!


County Sheriff David Clarke recently appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about the shooting of three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after the riots pertaining to the death of Alton Sterling. He spoke on what he felt was the true nature of the Black Lives Matter movement.

He said,

This bloodbath is going to continue until President (Barack) Obama, (Attorney General) Loretta Lynch and others denounce this anti-police sentiment from Black Lives Matter. That is a hateful ideology. They spew vile and vitriol in the name of virtue,.”

In short, they do the very thing they accuse their adversaries of doing. To make matters worse they’re hypocrites because they purport themselves to be a movement of peace, love, and openness.

Even Black Lives Matter activists interrupted a moment of silence at the Democratic National Convention this week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Because clearly nothing is sacred to them. The moment of silence was for fallen police officers but they simply shouted their recycled slogans.

They accused the Orlando victims of taking the spotlight. Their is no low to which they won’t stoop. They really deserve to be in the shadows away from all the change makers. Perhaps in their place a truly inclusive movement could sprout. Such as when police officers recently hosted a barbecue with activists and it went viral when police were seen doing the cha cha slide.


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