Sheriff Clarke’s Brilliant Plan For ICE Agents Has Criminal Immigrants Protesting In SEVERE PANIC!

The Associated Press published a bogus story earlier today that sent the liberal media into freakout mode. The premise? That Donald Trump was getting prepared to deploy the National Guard to aid in raids to capture illegal immigrants.

That story was nonsense, but it sure isn’t one heck of a bad idea. There have also been some notable immigration raids that are a preview of what’s to come. Just last week, 678 people were rounded up in 12 states during raids, 74 percent of which had been convicted of a crime.

USA Today notes that during immigration raids under Obama, 90 percent were convicted of a crime, meaning that Trump’s raids are likely going to affect all illegals, not just “criminal illegals” (what a bizarre phrase “criminal illegals” is). Still, there are millions do go.

So what are our options? According to US Herald, Sheriff David Clarke has a brilliant idea that’s causing many on the left to PANIC.

The strategy to turn Milwaukee’s deputies into ICE agents in combating illegal immigration and pluck out the criminal element hidden within this group of immigrants is the brainchild of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Activists and organized Latino groups are vowing to fight Sheriff Clark’s proposal by closing their businesses and taking their children out of school hoping to prevent Clarke from turning deputies into immigration agents.

However in a statement, the good Sheriff, once again reiterated that his job is protecting America’s borders, and for the safety of its citizens to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, that open borders provide. His job is to also “control the number of another failed nation’s refugees which would overwhelm America’s limited public services.”

In total, between 10,000 to 20,000 people from about a dozen communities joined in protest of Clarke, chanting “Si, podemos!” or “Yes we can!”

One is left to ponder what exactly illegal immigrants think they’re doing making their immigration status clear to the rest of us. If they want to identify themselves and convene in a single location, it certainly makes Clarke’s job easier.

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