Sheriff David Clarke: Charlotte Riots ‘Primitive’ And ‘Subhuman’ Behavior [VIDEO]

Sheriff David Clarke talked to Neil Cavuto of Fox News. Clarke determines that the rioters behavior in Charlotte is of primitive and subhuman nature. Basically, he called them savage and uncivilized.

Sheriff Clarke is right. If you watch any video footage of the Charlotte riots, then you will see nothing but idiots running around like maniacs, people stealing and breaking into multiple stores, vehicles being damaged, people being attacked for no reason. It’s nothing by mayhem by maniacs.

None of these people resemble civilized humans. Clarke is right! These ingrates are subhuman. They’re less than human. They’re filthy degenerates who consistently ruin neighborhoods and they need to be fixed. When people commit crimes like this, then I don’t think they should be permitted to have kids. Sounds rough and crazy, but I’d love to see the government waltz through one of these neighborhoods, see someone they saw looting, and revoke their right to have kids.

Hey, I saw you acting like an uncivilized moron in Charlotte. You know what, you’re done having kids. Unzip your pants and let’s sterilize you right here in front of everyone. If you’re that irresponsible now, then I can’t fathom you raising a child. If you do have a kid, they’ll be just like you, and we don’t want any of that.

Here’s what else happened in the interview with Cavuto and Clarke – they point out that Keith Lamont Scott had a gun and would not drop his weapon. They point out the fact that democratic media outlets always REFUSE to provide that information. They want ratings. They want people mad. They’re literally spinning the story, or leaving out vital information, in order to get people irritated enough to riot, then they get some good ratings for covering it.

It’s total nonsense and very irresponsible. In fact, I would say that the reason for the riots is the democratic news outlets. If they said from the start – the man had a gun, that’s why he got shot, then people wouldn’t really care. But that doesn’t get ratings, does it?

politistick – After Cavuto pointed out that major news headlines in the Democrat Media Complex, ranging from the Washington Post to the New York Times, conveniently left out the fact that Keith Lamont Scott, the black man shot by a black police officer, was armed and refused to drop his weapon, according to police, Sheriff Clarke, as is always the case, did not mince words in describing both the media malpractice as well as the rioters’ behavior.

“It was done on purpose [the media leaving out that Keith Lamont Scott had a gun] to stoke up anger and resentment by the liberal mainstream media,” Sheriff Clarke asserted.

The combination of uncivilized subhuman behavior and information left out of the news is what causes BS riots.

Charlotte riots could have been avoided if democratic news outlets told the truth instead of pandering the urban culture for votes and ratings.

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