Sheriff Drops TRUTH BOMB About Horrifying Thing They’re Catching Illegals Doing Behind The Scenes That’s Worse Than We Thought

Trump is making moves with the support of many including Sheriff Judd who is making it very clear that illegal criminals are BAD for our country…nothing like having to state the obvious because of the ‘stupid’ that Obama left behind…

Check this out:

Despite all this, we still have asshats out there saying stuff like this:

“Immigrants are the backbone to the dairy industry in my area and without them, the economy would get worse for all of us,” organizer Jennifer Estrada, whose husband was deported, said of the protest in a statement. “People should not be afraid of law enforcement, they should not live under the threat of their families being torn apart.”

Did they not hear the good Sheriff when he said…

This is a matter of FREAKING public safety!

…and they want to talk about dairy products, and families breaking apart? How about the families of the victims that have LOST THEIR LIFE to these criminal illegals?

Or the lives of the children or other family members they put at risk when they took the journey to become criminals in another country? Are they mental!? Yes..yes they are.

This isn’t just a problem, this is a freaking epidemic and its killing Americans!

If we are going to make our country safe again, we have to start somewhere….and the most obvious place is our border wall, and getting the illegal criminals out of here. Whoever thinks taking deportations a case at a time to ensure that everyone is happy, and families are not torn apart are not looking at the big picture. That would only lead us down the dark tunnel we are heading in already with no progression towards making our country safe again.

They came here illegally and knew they were breaking the law. The illegal criminals came here and terrorized OUR people, what about their families, what about their rights?

In many cases, the illegal criminal has been deported multiple times even. It has to stop. We must fortify our borders, create strict vetting methods, and stop the leak where it began…instead of just mopping up the flowing water as it comes out.

Nothing works that way…and the snowflakes just need to build a bridge and get over themselves.

I’m with the Sheriff on this one…it’s time to clean house.

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