Sheriff Joe: I Don’t Care if Obama Issues an Executive Order, I’m “Not Surrendering the Guns”


From Top Right News:  There’s a good reason for why Joe Arpaio has been elected Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ since 1993, and it has everything to do with him enforcing the rule of law.

Arpaio has had choice words for Obama and his administration since early 2009 when the regime first took over, and with gun control hotter now than ever before, here’s what Joe has to say about the issue…

From Breitbart:

On December 18, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio referenced President Obama’s pending executive action on gun control and said executive order or not, guns will not be surrendered.

Arpaio talked with Breitbart News about a number of gun-related issues and indicated that an ongoing problem is that guns and gun control have become part of the “political situation.” As a result, Democrats react to the criminal misuse of guns by grandstanding to punish law-abiding citizens with gun control.

Arpaio addressed this pending executive action, saying, “Obama does know we have the Second Amendment, right?” He added, “I’ve said it before. I’m not surrendering the guns. He can give an executive order saying we’ve got to collect the guns, and I’m not going to do it.”

Arpaio’s attitude is that of the American people. We know our rights, and no executive order made by the most progressive president in history is going to change that!

Obama most certainly knows we ‘have the Second Amendment,’ he just believes that the Constitution is a living, breathing document that can change with one swoop of the pen.

That’s not how our republic works.

We’re talking about a man in Arpaio who forces inmates in his county to wear pink underwear to show them who’s the boss, so what else did you really think the Sheriff would say about gun control?


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