Sheriff Gives SANCTUARY To Illegal Aliens So Pissed Off Texans Step In To Teach Them Special Lesson Of Their Own!

For some unknown reason, hundreds of cities across America give “sanctuary” to illegal aliens, refusing to report them to Federal authorities for only immigration related offenses. In other words, they’re only not accountable for breaking the law they broke the second they stepped foot in America.

What the liberal mayors defending their cities sanctuary status think they’re gaining is questionable. Some claim that illegals are more likely to report crimes they witness or are a victim of if they don’t have to fear deportation. OK – but if they weren’t here in the first place (as they shouldn’t be), we wouldn’t be worried about their role in reporting crimes, would we?

The costs of illegal immigration are undeniable, whether you look at the costs on infrastructure, the tax base, or the welfare system.

Donald Trump is going to teach those cities a lesson (by withdrawing their federal funding if they don’t obey federal law), and Texas is going to be lending a helping hand…

As Right Wing News reported:

It looks like Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez is really asking for it and Governor Abbott is about to oblige her. She announced last Friday that her Austin police department would not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Gov. Abbott then informed her that he would cut off their funding. He said she was violating her oath to protect Texans and keep them safe. He accused her of playing Russian roulette with Texan lives. Amen to that.

Local judge Sarah Eckhardt claims that the effects of the cut would be felt most by the county’s juvenile justice system. “It hits the sheriff’s office very little at all,” she said. “It hits the county attorney’s office, the district attorney’s office, the civil court system and the juvenile probation system. It hardly touches the sheriff’s department.” Well, that’s just too freaking bad. When you defy the law, there are consequences to be had. Austin chose very poorly when they elected Hernandez. And if she doesn’t reverse herself and fast, they are about to reap the rewards of standing in violation of the law.


What they fail to mention here are the incredible risks children will face it this sheriff does not follow the law. “Under your reckless policy, for example, dangerous criminal aliens convicted of felonies like murder; aggravated assault; human trafficking, including child sex trafficking; aggravated kidnapping; inducing sexual performance by a child or indecency with a child; dangerous gang activities; and the manufacture or delivery of deadly substances … will be turned loose into Travis County without permitting ICE the opportunity to collect them,” Abbott wrote.

Enough of the madness. It’s finally time to enforce the laws we shouldn’t been enforcing since the day this country was founded.

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