Sheriff Balks At Trump’s Sanctuary Ban, Then Mom Gets DISGUSTING Surprise From Illegal He Let In

Ever since President Trump announced his temporary ban on migrants coming in from terror-ridden countries, many liberal leaders have been rising up in defiance with devastating consequences.  Now one young mother and her young child’s life will be forever changed after what a disgusting illegal did in the sanctuary city that was harboring him.

Several days ago we brought you the horrifying story of a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis that’s striking America’s largest sanctuary city, ironically, just week after  Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcett vowed to defy President Trump’s calls to end sanctuary cities. If that wasn’t enough of an example to show the horrifying consequences of allowing these unvetted vermin unlimited access to our country, the atrocious thing that just happened to a Texas mother surely will.

Illegal douchebag Juan Lopez is a typical person the left would rally behind and advocate for. He came into the United States illegally back in the 80’s, but after murdering someone, spent the last 20 years in America serving out a prison sentence for homicide. After recently being deported back to Mexico that should’ve been the end of the story. But sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Thanks to the sanctuary city of Austin, Texas giving him refuge, and with no fear of federal agents deporting his ass back to Mexico, he made his way back into America where he would then carry out his vile acts on a Texas mother at knife point.

Being the bum/loser/felon that he is with no means of transportation, Lopez asked a Texas woman to give him a ride to an unknown location. But her generosity would soon be repaid in the most barbaric way as possible, as unfortunately for the unnamed woman, Lopez’s uncivilized traits and sickening lust would soon kick in. What was meant to be a short car ride then turned into a horrifying crime scene, with Lopez brandishing a knife and pressing it to the woman’s stomach, threatening to kill her if she didn’t have sex with him.

Despite the woman’s desperate pleas for mercy since her toddler was in the back seat of the car witnessing the entire attack, Lopez remained undeterred, callously responding  “I don’t give a damn.” The feral animal then carried out the unthinkable act right in front of the distraught small child, who helpless to stop at the savage thing that he was witnessing from the back seat.

Lopez was eventually apprehended by authorities, where he is currently being held in the Travis County Sheriff’s Office Jail without bond after being charged with aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping. Immigration officials have a detainer for Lopez since he’s in America illegally and are asking Travis County to hold him, but Travis County as a stated policy of not honoring ICE detainers.

This is absolutely sick. Had our elected officials simply done their freaking jobs and upheld our laws, tuberculosis wouldn’t be spreading across the United States, and one mother and her child wouldn’t have been the traumatized victims of this disgusting Mexican crook.

More than ever we need to get the freaking wall built around our country, and start removing every single treasonous a-hole across America from office who refuses to uphold the law and protect the citizens of America. The “rights” of illegals should never come before protecting American citizens, and those who believe otherwise need their asses thrown out of office!

TRIGGER WARNING: Prissy Holly is a conservative journalist, professional shi*t starter and disgruntled military vet who is very outspoken and doesn’t give a flying crap about your feelings when exposing the truth. If you want your daily dose of news delivered in the most politically incorrect way as possible, make sure you follow Prissy!

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