Excerpted from Breitbart:

According to the NBC affiliate’s report, witnesses said they saw the group of people, dressed in black, get out of the boat,run up the beach and down an alley.

“I was in shock I think, and so were the couple people out here. They were just standing there pointing. Nobody knew what to do. What should we do to help,” Miranda Fuller a tourist from Phoenix told NBC 7.

Another witness, Mission Beach resident Bill Wu, told NBC 7 that it looked like the group had some help on shore.

“I guess there was somebody on the inside here that was supplying them with clothing, and they went down to Mission Boulevard and changed clothes,” Wu said in an interview with the affiliate.

According to NBC 7, Border Patrol have taken seven people into custody. There were reportedly 17 life preservers left in the panga boat.

Tuesday morning, another panga boat carrying 20 more people attempting to enter the country illegally was intercepted by Customs and Border Protection agents.


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