SHOCK! The Moment a Thug Took a Gun Out of His Pocket and SHOT Two Cops “I’m Gonna Bleed Out Brother” (FULL VIDEO)

Khari Gordon, 22, shot two cops and left them to bleed out in the streets all because he didn’t want to show what was in his pockets. Cops pulled him over in Georgia on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle. Like any cop would do, they asked him to remove his hands from his pockets.

Gordon did something much worse. He fired a hidden gun at two cops and ran off into the night, later to be arrested anyway.

So what could’ve been some much smaller charges on a possibly stolen car and maybe a gun charge could now be double attempted murder.

I’m pretty sure that if he’s convicted of attempted murder, that he’s spending a lot more time in the slammer than a little gun or stolen car charge.

You sure don’t get off the hook for shooting two cops, that’s for certain.

Footage from bodycam shows the horrible shooting video. The cop shooting video is below.


Daily Mail – Shocking footage has revealed the moment a black suspect shot two white police officers in a parking lot after being asked repeatedly by one to take his hands out of his pockets.

Khari Gordon, 22, was arrested on Monday night after shooting Captain Michael Schulman and Jeffrey Martin.

The police officers approached him after pulling him over on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle.

In bodycam footage of their exchange, Captain Schulman is heard asking the young man repeatedly to take his hands out of his pockets 

Seconds later, Gordon is heard firing his gun at the 50-year-old who fell to the ground screaming.

He went on to shoot Officer Martin, 22, before fleeing the scene on foot. The footage was released by police on Wednesday.

I can’t understand why anyone would shoot two cops and think they’re getting away with it. This just doesn’t make sense. Why couldn’t the man just run without shooting someone?

If you’re going to run from the cops, then just run. You don’t have to shoot anyone and you don’t have to get shot.

He’s very lucky that the police didn’t shoot him when they arrested him.

Did the cop have a vest? If not, then why not?

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