SHOCK: NSA Can Recover ALL Of Hillary’s Deleted Emails

It’s been a rough past two days for Hillary Clinton. While she might have assumed she had the election in the bag after the leaked 2005 Access Hollywood audio, now she’s the one in hot water.

Yesterday, the FBI announced that they were reopening their investigation into Hillary’s private email server. A number of emails were discovered accidentally, ironically thanks to Anthony Weiner’s sexting escapades. For anyone out of the loop, Weiner is under investigation from the FBI, as one of those he was sexting was fifteen years old.

The emails discovered while the FBI was investigating Weiner are going to do much more than just land Hillary Clinton in trouble. The emails were discovered on Huma Abedin’s phone, proving that she had lied to the FBI that she had turned over all emails to them during their initial investigation.

Not only that, remember those 33,000 emails that Hillary deleted? She used BleachBit to remove them, which, in the words of Trey Gowdy, ensured that “even God” wouldn’t be able to read those emails.

Well, it turns out, once something is online, it really is there forever. As the Conservative Tribune reported:

The 33,000 emails that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton famously deleted — yes, those emails — aren’t lost at all.

They’re right under our noses. Or, better put, up in the “cloud” — and the National Security Agency has been sitting on them the entire time, according to a new story from the International Business Times.

Kim Dotcom, the internet entrepreneur known for bypassing NASA and Pentagon security as a teenager, and a longtime critic of their biased enforcement standards, said, “I know where Hillary Clinton’s emails are and how to get them legally.”

The NSA’s sacred obligation is to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies. It appears that Congress doesn’t realize that their biggest enemy is just down the street.

The X-Keyscore, or XKS, that Dotcom is referring to is a computer system, once secret, that the NSA uses for searching and analyzing global internet traffic and data. According to Dotcom, access logs of XKS (a list of everything accessed using the XKS system) never disappears, and therefore, all of Clinton’s emails accessed by the NSA will still be on the server.

Is Hillary Clinton completely screwed? It’s hard not to believe that she deleted those emails for no reason other than she didn’t want the public (and the FBI) to know what’s in them.

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