SHOCK: Palestinians Teach Their Children to Stab Jews… and They’re Doing It


(Louder with Crowder) In America, our kids sit in front of a TV as we trick them into learning letters and numbers from an eerily large yellow bird and a green puppet forever trapped in a garbage can. In Israel, Hebrew children are learning their alphabet with the help of Psalm 119, interspersed with random gym exercises known as running to the nearest bomb shelter.

In Palestine though, they’re not really into Sesame Street or inspirational memorization from the Psalms. Instead, the “peaceful religion” is teaching their youngsters the most effective manner in which… to stab a Jew.

Reading? Writing? Arithmetic? They all take second place to the primary teaching of Islam: hate.

Danny Danon, the new Israeli ambassador to the UN, recently reported,

“When a Palestinian child returns from school and opens (sic) the television, he doesn’t see Barney or Donald Duck, he sees murderers portrayed as heroes.

“When he opens a textbook, he doesn’t learn about math and science, he’s being taught to hate.”

Holding up the picture, he said: “The picture is being taught in middle schools, in high schools, in elementary schools.

“Instead of educating about peace and tolerance, the Palestinian leadership is brainwashing children with incitement and hate.

Palestinian leaders have established an incubator to raise children as terrorists.”

Yesterday, a Palestinian man posing as a journalist stabbed an Israeli soldier. Two people were killed and fifteen injured in a shoot and stab attack on a bus earlier this week. In another incident, a man rammed his car into a busy bus stop before getting out of his vehicle and stabbing an innocent bystander. Man, how do we get back to Sesame Street?

For you gun control zombies, see that guns aren’t the issue here? Dozens of Israelis have been injured or killed in the stabbings that have become nearly routine in Israel over the last several weeks. With knives. Those metal pointy things most of us use to cut meat and open boxes. Islamist Palestinians have been using them to cut up Israelis.

And yet the media continues to tell us that Israel is the problem.

The people who teach their children the best place to stab someone? Who tell their sons they’ll get virgins in heaven if they blow themselves up? Who costume their children as suicide bombers on take your kid to work day? Maybe they’re the ones who could use a lesson or two in proper knife-etiquette.

islam kids terror stab suicide bomber

We’ll never solve the problem in the Middle East until we recognize what the problem really is. It has many different names – al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS – but one common theme: Islam.

On Monday, a 16 year old Palestinian girl stabbed and wounded an Israeli police officer. An hour later, two Palestinian teenagers – 13 and 15 years old – chased down and stabbed a 13 year old Israeli boy who was riding his bike. While the Israeli boy remains in critical condition, the leaders of Palestine say Israel is at fault for shooting and killing one of the Israeli boy’s attackers.

But that Palestinian teenage attacker is still alive, and is being treated in an Israeli hospital. Have you heard that on the news lately? No. Have you been told the Palestinians are teaching their kids the best methods for stabbing Jews? No. That doesn’t fit with the Israel is the Devil narrative touted by the media.

“Lies kill. Incitement kills. Share this and help make sure the world knows the truth.” Check out this powerful video Bibi Netanyahu posted on Facebook yesterday:

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