SHOCK PHOTO: Multiple staffers help unstable Hillary up stairs

For liberals, the age and health of a candidate is only an issue when it’s a Republican – so let’s talk about Hillary.

The other day she explained that she may have “short circuited” when it came to explaining her conduct related to her private email sever. Previously I had thought it was only her personality that was robotic – who knew she really was?

The past few days, an image taken back in February has been the subject of an immense amount of speculation. The photo, purportedly showing Hillary Clinton receiving assistance while climbing a flight of stairs. Here’s the photos in question:

So what are people speculating? As Breitbart reports:

Hillary Clinton needed to be physically helped up a moderate flight of stairs by her team of staffers and handlers, according to campaign-trail photos that made the rounds on the Internet Sunday.

Reuters and Getty photographs captured Hillary Clinton, 68, struggling to make it up the stairs, either as a result of her fragile body or perhaps because her well-documented brain injuries make it harder for her to transport herself through daily life activities.

Mike Cernovich of Danger and Play discovered that Hillary’s handler was spotted carrying diazepan while with Hillary, which is for patients who experience recurrent seizures.

hillary handler diazepam

Paul Joseph Watson has more on the matter:

What do you all think? I’m not into conspiracies, but this is interesting.

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