SHOCK VIDEO: Doesn’t Matter Who Hacked Podesta, If Emails Are True!

Hillary Clinton’s talking points in response to the Wikileaks dump has been anything but convincing.

Aside from repeatedly stating that Russian hackers are behind the attack, she really hasn’t said much. It’s a bit ironic that she’ll attack Donald Trump for stating that the election is rigged – then complain that Russia is allegedly trying to rig the election. She’s about as consistent as her policy prescriptions, I suppose.

Hillary seems to be under the impression that how the information released by Wikileaks was obtained has some kind of correlation with how truthful it is. Unfortunately for her, the truth is still the truth – even when of Russian origin.

Granted, I don’t want foreign countries trying to influence our elections either, but with their findings released, we can’t ignore them. Plus, the media focuses exclusively on Trump’s scandals. If they would actually dare criticize Queen Hillary, hackers would’ve never needed to do such a hack to expose her in the first place.

If someone catches their spouse cheating by violating their privacy through reading their texts or emails, can the cheater argue that his actions don’t count because they were revealed by violating his privacy? Of course not – and the same logic applies to Hillary.

As the American Intelligence Report reported, Ben Swann had some great commentary making just that point:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta used his own name as his username and the word ‘p@ssw0rd’ as his password, which raises doubts he was targeted by a large-scale Russian hacking campaign as claimed.

Additionally, Podesta also lost his cell phone in 2015, according to his own emails released by Wikileaks, and it’s unlikely he took proper security measures to secure the data.

“I warn you, the Windows 8 system is VERY different from what we had back at the White House,” Podesta’s assistant Eryn Sepp told him in anemail containing his password. “Might require a tutorial.”

The emails reveal Podesta as lazy and inept when it comes to computers in general, meaning it didn’t require the resources of a foreign government like Russia to hack his emails, especially given how he handled government business over a free Gmail account.

This raises doubts that the “Russian hackers” theory promoted by the mainstream media is credible, but that theory is being promoted not because it’s a proven fact but because it gives the federal government “justification” to take control of the presidential election – and ensure Hillary wins – out of “fear” of “Russian hackers.”

Next up, I really do hope those hackers, whoever they are, end up finding Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails. The one’s we’ve seen already have been pretty damning, so we can only imagine what’s in the 33,000 we know she REALLY doesn’t want us to see.


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