Excerpted from RARE:  On Friday, rapper Kanye West stopped a show at the Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney, Australia while waiting for two fans to stand and join thousands of others.

What Kanye didn’t know was that both fans are disabled—one is confined to a wheelchair, the other has a prosthetic leg—and therefore couldn’t just stand up.

Before playing 2007’s “The Good Life” Kanye grew perturbed that the two fans were sitting for an otherwise high-energy show. After stopping the concert, Kanye waited several minutes for one of his employees to verify that the people were in fact handicapped. As soon as he realized this, he immediately apologized and went right into his song.

At a concert in Brisbane on Monday night, Kanye delivered a blistering monologue on the media, condemning them for blowing the incident out of proportion.

“I’m a married, Christian man with a family. Pick another target,” West said.

While Kanye has been reviled in the press for the subsequent viral video, the moral to the story may be far simpler.

Everyone dances at a Kanye show.

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