SHOCKER: ISLMAIST Shooter Behind Philly Cop Killing


The poison fruit of prison dawah. American jails have become hotbeds of jihadism and radicalism.

Fresh out of prison, this Muslim heeded the call of the Islamic State. Back in January, there were renewed calls for Muslims in Western countries to attack intelligence and law enforcement officers.

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Surprise! One of the two killers of Philly cop Officer Robert Wilson has a Muslim prayer bump on his forehead

From Eric Dondero: (thanks to Todd)

Well, well, well… suspect #1 had just gotten out of (Muslim dominated) prison a few weeks before. No media are reporting on his Muslim faith (there is some discussion on Twitter). But his Muslim prayer bump is clearly visible on his forehead.



Two suspects have been charged in the death of Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III, who was gunned down Thursday inside a North Philadelphia GameStop store. Brothers Ramone Williams, 24, and Carlton Hipps, 29, are both charged with 1st degree murder, conspiracy, and attempted murder.

Police say Williams confessed to his role in the robbery. He allegedly told police that he and his brother did not see the police cruiser in the parking lot, and did not see Wilson when they entered the store.


The shooting occurred around 4:45 p.m. Thursday in a shopping center at the intersection of West Lehigh Avenue and North 21st Street. Officer Wilson, a 22nd district officer, was shot multiple times – including a wound to his head.

And this:

Hipps was out on parole, having just been released a few weeks ago after being convicted of robbery. And police say Williams has prior arrests for aggravated assault and theft.

Prosecutors are going for the death penalty. Though note, Pennsylvania now has a liberal Democrat Governor.  So it is possible it will ultimately be overturned.

Let’s hope sooner than later, Hipps will be with Allah.

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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