SHOCKING: Britain Is under Siege By Muslims And This Video Foreshadows What America May Soon Be Facing (VIDEO)

Muslims have been pouring into Europe with one goal in common, global islamization; Sharia law.

The nature of the Islamic religion is not just faith, its law, politics and all aspects of life. These people are only satisfied with their own people and will never assimilate.

Droves of Brits are beginning to stand up and show the world what they are facing. It’s dire straights for these people, and the only solution may be civil war. Failure to clamp down on this growing infestation will result  in the overthrow of Great Britain without a doubt.

This could be happening in America before you even realize it  if President Obama and liberals get their way.  Generations of Americans have fought against tyranny,and now we’re allowing it to grow inside our borders.

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