SHOCKING: Did You Hear About This Mass SHOOTING At A Club? Here’s Why The Media Is SILENT!

Most Americans oppose gun control despite the fact that the only opinions you’ll hear in the media today are anti-gun.

We have half as many gun murders per-capita today than we did in the 1990s, but you wouldn’t get that impression based on the amount of attention gun crimes get on the news. You can expect to never see a story of the opposite being reported: armed citizens stopping a tragedy. You may see it on a local news station, but it won’t make its way into established media because it goes counter to the narrative.

But those cases do occur – and much more frequently than liberals would like you to imagine.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The mass shooting terrorist attack in Orlando has been discussed endlessly by the liberal media for weeks now, but you probably didn’t hear about another mass shooting that occurred this past weekend in South Carolina.

Why didn’t you hear about it? Well, because it was promptly stopped by a concealed carrier who used his gun to take out the bad guy before he could kill anybody.

According to the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, the incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning in Lyman, South Carolina. Jody Ray Thompson, a 32-year-old Lyman resident, allegedly got into a verbal confrontation with another man outside the Playoffz nightclub at about 3:30.

Thompson quickly decided to escalate the verbal altercation, firing at random into the crowd and hitting three people. One of the men who was shot at, however, had a concealed carry license. He fired back at Thompson, wounding him in the leg and stopping his rampage.

Thompson has been charged with four counts of attempted murder; the man who returned his fire will not be charged, according to police, as he was acting in self-defense.

Of the three people who were hit, only one was seriously injured — Renada Shantrice Irby, 34, who had one of the bullets lodged in her pelvis.

And guess what? The shooter had a criminal record dating back to 2003, which legally prohibited him from owning a gun.

Jody Ray Thompson is being charged with four counts of attempted murder - Spartanburg County Detention Center (WCBD News 2)
Jody Ray Thompson is being charged with four counts of attempted murder – Spartanburg County Detention Center (WCBD News 2)

To the surprise of millions of liberals everywhere, he still managed to obtain a firearm despite that.

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