Shocking Footage of Muslim “No Go” Zone INSIDE America [VIDEO]


Liberals and the mainstream media are fast to dismiss ‘No Go Zones’ as false and created by islamophobes. But that is he farthest thing from the truth

Look at Dearborn Michigan,  just over 3 year years ago, peaceful Christians were attacked just for holding signs with christian prayers on them.

Why were they attacked? They weren’t provoking anyone.

Anyone who has been to Dearborn knows the feeling that non Muslims get when they are in these areas.  A simple question to ask a Muslim lady wearing all black directions ends with being ignored multiple times like we are a virus. We were not welcome and they made it know.

This wasn’t the Dearborn I grew up in, this was like the Islamic nations that I deployed too, except worse. These people wont adapt, wont try to assimilate with others, and block all outsiders.

They are a cult, hiding behind religion

Conservative Tribune:

It turns out that Muslims greatly resent it when Christians attempt to practice their right to free speech and expression. They resent it so much that those Muslims present at the festival became physically violent with the peaceful Christians, “pushing, shoving and hurling objects at them that included bottles, eggs and rocks.”

Yet officials from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department adamantly refused to intervene on behalf of the Christians. Instead they sat back and allowed a bunch of Muslims, young and old alike, to unashamedly violate these Christians’ right to express their religious beliefs.

“You are a danger to the public safety,” one official told the Christians in the video clip below:

“I would assume two hungry angry Muslim children throwing bottles would be more of a threat than a few guys with signs,” one of the Christians astutely pointed out.

But the official ignored him and instead decided to throw the peaceful Christian preachers out of the festival, after which they were pulled over by a team of 12 cops.

Ladies and gentlemen, it should be as clear as day that the 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival, which for the record occurred in the United States of America, was a de facto “no-go” zone!

What on Earth else would you call a place where American citizens are forbidden from practicing their religious liberty, all because the wisdom contained within their religion offends the sensibilities of Muslims!?

Better yet, what else would you call a place that ignores American constitutional law in favor of Shariah law!?

Liberals can call it what they want, but we conservatives prefer to call it what it is — a “no-go” zone!

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