In a rather shocking revelation, it has been found that Islamic State militants have been selling Yazidi and Christian girls as young as one to nine years of age for a price of $172 in Iraq.

ISIS slave markets have been selling Yazidi and Christian women, as it considers them spoils of war.Representational Pic Via Twitter

Activists working ‘secretly’ out of Iraq have leaked a ‘price list’ of the ISIS slave markets, from where men can buy Yazidi and Christian women as ‘sex slaves.’

According to a report published by Iraqi News, ISIS has imposed these ‘price controls’ over the sale of women and spoils of war, including cattle as the market lately has experienced a down-turn.

In the price list translated from Arabic, the ISIS says: “In the name of Allah, most gracious and merciful. We have received news that the demand in women and cattle markets has sharply decreased and that will affected Islamic State revenues as well as the funding of the Mujaheddin in the battlefield. We have made some changes. Below are the prices of Yazidi and Christian women.”

After listing out the prices on the women, the ISIS notes that “consumers are allowed to purchase only three slaves at a time, except those from Turkey, Syria and Gulf.”

The price list reportedly is dated 16 October,2014. The authenticity of the list that has widely been shared on social media could not be verified independently.

The revelation comes only days after a shocking video purports to show Islamic State (ISIS) fighters bargaining over Yazidi women at a “slave market.”

The clip shows how ISIS fighters were negotiating the prices of girls based on their eye colour. Those with blue and green eyes fetched the highest amount.

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