SHOCKING! Look At What Judge Pirro Saw At TRUMP Rally!

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Judge Jeanine Pirro went inside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California and you will be shocked to hear what some people are saying. Judge Jeanine can be seen interviewing numerous people inside the rally asking their feelings on Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border and illegal immigration.

One Indian immigrant said he supports Trump because he believes Trump stands for what he came here thirty five years ago for. Which in his opinion has deteriorated over time. One woman responded, “I love the energy that Trump has created.”

Another gentleman said that he locks his doors and built a fence around his yard, so why would he not be in favor of creating a wall along the border of the United States.

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Another immigrant of Indian origin detailed how he had immigrated here completely legally and that it’s disgraceful and wrong when illegal immigrants are given citizenship after breaking the law.

Trump has had a reputation of saying boisterous, flamboyant, and some argue racist, xenophobic comments about Muslims, Mexicans and Hispanic people in general. However, in the video almost all of the interviewed people were immigrants who are in support of Donald Trump. Seems somewhat contrary to what the mainstream media has pictured for the country.

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One person, Amy Louis, commented on the video, “totally agree… it’s not fair for other immigrants that came here legally.”

Dawn Grandi said, “This is exactly what I’ve seen at Trump rallies. Peaceful, Energetic, and Patriotic and then you go outside and get even more inspired!!!”

Awesome for Trump! It looks like he has support from demographics the left has falsely accused him of mistreating!

Watch Judge Jeanine’s amazing video! Go Trump!