SHOCKING Number Of ‘Americans’ Return After Fighting Alongside Jihadists

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In a disgusting turn of events, new numbers have been released detailing how many Americans that left to fight alongside Islamic Jihadists have been allowed to return. Falling in line with Obama’s careless acts in the past, his administration has absolved itself of any worry, claiming those coming back simply “don’t pose a threat.”

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper displayed the administration’s nonchalant attitude during an event at the Council on Foreign Relations on Monday. During that time, he divulged that 40 “Americans” have returned after fighting with militants in Syria and pose absolutely no threat to America or her citizens.

SHOCKING Number Of ‘Americans’ Return After Fighting Alongside Islamic Jihadists

If they did actually admit to the threat, Obama would also have to admit that maybe those rebels he’s been feeding our hard-earned, mandated tax dollars maybe aren’t as “moderate” as he initially led us to believe.

However, Clapper and the Obama administration are sticking to their guns.

“We’ve since found they went for humanitarian purposes or some other reasons that don’t relate to plotting,” Clapper explained. “In fact at this point, we’re not aware of any of these people who have returned who are engaged in plotting” an attack. (The Hill)

In all, 180 Americas have gone over to assist the Islamic militants in Syria. This of course pales in comparison to the 20,000 foreigners who have flocked to the area from other countries in assistance of the Muslim fighters.

As many have asked what is going to happen to these fighters once they’re done fighting or the war is over, it seems the Obama administration has made clear they still have a place here in America. “If they come back and they are not involved in plotting — don’t have a nefarious purpose — then that’s their right and privilege as an American citizen to come back,” Clapper concluded.

The religion of Islam has been made a far more complex issue than it really is. As liberals – mainly Obama – continue to justify the horrors of the religion by segregating “extremists” from “moderate Muslims” while ignoring the fact they learn from the same “holy book,” the evil of the world continues to grow.

As the like-minded jihadists, ready to “martyr” themselves in the name of Islam come back to America, it’s only a matter of time before something bad happens. Then again, I’m probably just an intolerant Islamaphobe who couldn’t tell the difference between a goat’s ass and one of the 72 virgins.

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