SHOCKING PHOTOS: Infamous Migrant ‘Jungle Camp’ Swells Out of Control, France Begged to Bring in Army


From Pam Gellar: France has been urged to completely clear Calais of migrants hoping to reach Britain after it emerged the town’s biggest camp has DOUBLED in size.

Eurotunnel bosses said president Francois Hollande should send in police to clear the notorious Jungle II camp, which is now home to more than 6,000 people.

Yesterday the Eurotunnel was closed because migrants had stormed the tunnel.

Their dire warning came as one French official admitted his government does “not know what comes next”.



The Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, is so worried she has demanded the French Government provides a permanent army presence in her besieged town.

“The camps are dominated by criminal gangs and we know that Islamic State fighters have infiltrated the camps, ready to spread their hatred and violence in Britain. (The Express)

“Infamous Refugee ‘Jungle Camp’ Swells Out of Control, france Begged to Bring in Army,” Truth Revolt, October 20, 2015
They even have their own discos, bars and shops.

The port city of Calais, used as a gateway by migrants seeking illegal-entry into the U.K. via the Eurotunnel that connects france with Britain, has literally turned into one massive, uncontrollable refugee camp replete with bars, discotechs and shops.

Now, officials in the U.K. and France along with Eurotunnel executives are practically begging French President Francois Hollande to send in the police, or preferably, the army, to disband the now infamous “Jungle Camp” which is overrun by 6,000 migrants.

Each and every night thousands of migrants hailing from the Middle East and Africa attempt to break into the Eurotunnel entrance and stow away on Eurostar trains. According to the Express, those who do not successfully break into the trains resort to “playing chicken with lorries so that they can smuggle themselves on board.”

UKIP MEP Mike Hookem said: “The Jungle exists as a camp for people who are planning to break the law by getting illegally into Britain – this wouldn’t be allowed for any other crime so why are we allowing it in Calais?

“The camps are dominated by criminal gangs and we know that Islamic State fighters have infiltrated the camps, ready to spread their hatred and violence in Britain.

“On top of that, crime in Calais and other northern towns has gone up, I know from experience that there are guns in these camps and the reports about the sexual abuse of women there is shocking.”

Delays are now commonplace on Eurostar trains traveling between France and Britain due to the upheaval.

The company has said the situation is becoming “unmanageable”.

Spokesman John Keefe said: “The answer is simple – don’t have a migrant camp near Calais.

“If it keeps going it is going to become unmanageable. The French just can’t cope.”

Clearly. And they admit as much, with French officials ceding that they “don’t know what comes next.”

The mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, has demanded an army presence in her beleaguered town, according to the Express. To date, the efforts of roughly 750 police stationed in the town have ben futile as they are just simply outnumbered.

Ironically, the one solution proposed by the U.K., has been to erect a (presumably better) security fence. Apparently the ones built before are “routinely smashed down by large numbers of migrants.”

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—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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