Shocking Pic Just Emerged From Tiger’s Drunken Arrest & Everyone Instantly Noticed 1 SICK Thing

Something simultaneously odd and hilarious happened after Tiger Woods was booked for driving under the influence. It wasn’t that he did a dance, juggled golf clubs, or yanked his pants down during booking. It wasn’t anything that amazing, but it was definitely something that people with a keen eye would notice. You could have a glass eye with a fish in it and still see this gaffe.

It was his mugshot.

Something was changed in his mugshot and everyone noticed it right away.

Look at the pictures below. One of these is his original mugshot. The other is a very heavily doctored version of the picture posted by ESPN.

The picture on the left is the original. Tiger’s head looks like moldy cotton candy and his unkempt facial hair looks quite scraggly like he’s been sleeping on a park bench for a few nights. His eyes droop like he came in last place in a golf tournament while shooting on Ambien, and his face looks its age.

The picture on the right, posted by ESPN, shows Tiger with much tighter hair that has the cotton candy effect was removed. His facial hair looks like it was shaved in a bit tighter. His eyes are a bit smoothed out and brighter in the white area. The lighting on his head is much brighter and the background color is completely changed from a dingy sea green paint color to a sky blue color.

Via HeatStreet:

Following Tiger Woods’ arrest on Monday, ESPN photoshopped an image of the former golf pro that made him look less unkempt.

Published by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the original mugshot featured a pale-skinned Tiger Woods with frizzy hair, and glazed, heavy-lidded eyes. It made the rounds on social media as news media published articles about the arrest.

ESPN’s distribution of Woods’ mugshot in its “breaking news” feed featured a picture different than the original—his unkempt, balding coiffure was transformed into a clean crew cut, akin to his days as a sportsman. The color of the golfer’s skin also appeared to be altered to give him a healthier tone.

The sports network claims that his obviously photoshopped hair was edited to fit the template it uses for athlete’s professional headshots.

People noticed this nearly instantly because Tiger Woods mugshot has been all over the Internet from the moment it was released. Most credible and trustworthy news websites have published the mugshot undoctored. They left it alone and showed it in its final form. There was no reason to Photoshop the picture because mugshots are not glamour shots. This was not a photoshoot after a golf tour, this was a mugshot for being arrested under suspicion of DUI (turned out to be medications).

So what reason does ESPN have to waste time changing the graphic look of this mugshot? Was there any benefit of doctoring this photo other than to be called out for terrible Photoshop skills and pointless editing? I guess we can just consider them as not the brightest people. They did give Bruce Jenner the tranny a Courage Award, even though he didn’t deserve it.

Is it because Tiger Woods has earned ESPN massive amounts of money over the years?

Or was it just an accident when they were changing the background color of the photo to make it more appealing on their website or another publication? What’s the point in cropping or touching up the unkempt hair on a mugshot? What’s the point in changing the background color of the mugshot? What’s the point in changing anything about it at all? That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works!

The poor Photoshop skills are obvious, but maybe it was just some rookie Photoshop user who was told what to do and did it extremely poorly. Perhaps it was just a person doing their job and there was no actual rhyme or reason behind it. Maybe it was someone who does “touch ups” to all photos and didn’t think to skip this one.

What if this was done on purpose to go viral? We know how things work around here. Everyone LOVES to spot the difference on badly Photoshopped pictures. This is no different. Doing this epic fail on purpose to a celebrity increased the chances of it going viral.

What if people poorly Photoshopped Kathy Griffin while she was apologizing for her Trump beheading? Not that the old bag needs much work, but if someone ‘shopped her, then it would have been hilarious and obvious. She’s quite a looker on her own if you like the old woman zombie look. Picture her waking up next to you.

At the end of the day, the Photoshopped Tiger Woods mugshot is just another funny moment on the Internet. There was probably no logical reason for it. Just a guy or girl doing their job really badly. Just someone following the rules and tasks they’re assigned to.

Or maybe it was a transgender who was confused on how to use Photoshop. They’re confused about everything else, so why would we expect them to know how to Photoshop a mugshot of Tiger Woods?

Why work for ESPN when they can sit around waiting to win Courage Awards instead?

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