SHOCKING REPORT: Muslim Migrants are Urinating on the Women in Refugee Centers


From Pam Gellar: I am sure this is the kind of news Chancellor Angela Merkel is strong-arming Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, to censor and block.

I broke the story a few weeks back of the systemic rape of women and children at these refugee centers. It’s an epidemic. Mainstream media outlets picked it up weeks later. Now the authorities are more concerned that these stories are being leaked. Their targets are not the rapists, but our sources.

Urinating on women is consistent with previous reports that women are “assigned a subordinate role” and unaccompanied females are treated as “fair game.” Many of these women, according to this document, are fleeing “forced marriage” and/or “female genital mutilation.”

Now this. There are similar horror stories coming from all around Europe.

“Muslim Settlers Urinating on Female Refugees,” (thanks to Tundra), September 29, 2015 (thanks to John):

The following article from Junge Freiheit describes some of the more disgusting practices of “refugees” at an asylum center in Germany. It’s worth noting that the concern of the Bundeswehr seems to be focused on finding out who leaked the report, rather than the behavior it describes.

Bundeswehr (The German Army): Asylum Seekers Are Urinating on Female Refugees

ERFURT. The Bundeswehr (The German Army) has filed complaints about unsustainable conditions for asylum seekers in Erfurt. They write of repeated sexual harassment and men urinating on the floors, in an internal report by the leading sanitation officers of the Territorial Task Commando that has been labeled ‘classified’.

In the document the appointed custodial sanitation medic of the Bundeswehr reports that “the halls are being cleaned twice a day. Yet the condition of the floors is not OK in my view, because garbage is being thrown on the floors over and over again. It is routine for men to urinate in whatever corner they find. In the sleeping accommodations it has become a daily occurrence that single women are being urinated on by male persons from other countries, even as the women are sleeping. Sexual harassment occurs daily.”

Bundeswehr Confirms Report

The Bundeswehr has confirmed the authenticity of the report to Junge Freiheit. “This report exists,” says the leading authority of the Territorial Task Commando of the Bundeswehr, Lieutenant-Colonel, Ingo Kunze. At this time there is an investigation into who reported these conditions.


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