From Mad World News: As the UK caves to the demands of angry Muslims, citizens have become restless. The refusal of Islamists to assimilate to Western culture has prompted reaction from perturbed civilians.

This movement pushed one man to his limit, motivating him to go on a rant in front of a group of Muslim youths in a kebab shop.

The British man, who appears to be intoxicated, walks up to the counter of the restaurant and begins arguing with the Muslims. He points his finger at one of the men and says, “f*** Allah.”

Seconds later, the man is sucker punched and knocked unconscious, hitting his head on the counter on the way down.

One of the men angrily mocks the motionless victim, telling him to “say it again.”

He is then heard telling the attacker to call the police as it was “his own fault.” The assaulter then argues with him, saying, “it’s his own fault. He was taking a piss on Allah.”

The blatant attack is not uncommon when insulting Islam, but it’s the justification that we often miss. As long as Muslims continue to condone violence by allowance from a higher power, we will always see Islamists take the law into their own hands.

There is no tolerance for insult to Muhammad or Allah in the Quran, which commands that all Muslims live under an Islamic State. The punishment for such blasphemy is death, which can only be achieved under Islamic Sharia law. Since the UK has not quite transitioned to Sharia, Muslims are finding they must practice their own form of justice, as Allah commands

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