SHOCKING VIDEO: ‘Refugee’ Asks Pretty White Girl For Her Number, Should Have Given It To Him


From Mad World: Europe is currently facing a difficult situation with the mass migration of Muslims from the war-torn Middle East, since most of the nations are incapable of handling the tens of thousands of so-called “refugees” flooding over their borders. As if having to deal with the influx of so many people isn’t already hard on these countries, the security threats they face make it even worse, which one French woman found out the hard way after refusing to give her number out.

The video of the incident is a couple of years old, but it shows the lack of civility that some of the migrants can have, and it should serve as a warning to others to be careful while out on the streets. The innocent white female was walking by herself when she was approached by several migrants who asked her for her number, and after she refused, they taught her a painful lesson.

A rough translation of the video says that the man who initially approached her said, “Hey girl, can I get your number?” As she’s politely trying to refuse, the man obviously loses his patience and slaps her with extreme force across the face, but the incident didn’t end there.

After the helpless girl was hit, she tried to walk away, but she was followed. Another man is then seen knocking her to the ground, all because she wasn’t interested in the animals. The camera then cuts to one of the men laughing hysterically along with the others, while the apparently injured girl was being helped off the ground and away from these animals by her friends.

Unfortunately, such attacks seem to be commonplace in Western nations that have been kind enough to open their borders to Muslim immigrants, and it’s only a matter of time before it comes to our country. In fact, Mad World News reported earlier today that a Somalian immigrant in Minnesota raped an innocent 10-year-old girl in an apartment hallway after following her onto an elevator. While it was only an isolated incident, most of them always are until they become so common that it’s problematic for a nation.

Keep these two incidents in mind as Barack Obama prepares to open the flood gates for migrants to come into our nation. We already deal with rampant crime from illegals coming over the Southern border, and soon it will compounded by the influx of Middle Eastern migrants as they bring their backwards culture into our nation.

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