SHOCKING Video Shows Black Lives Matter Thugs Deliberately Running Down Three Phoenix Officers


This has got to be a Black Lives Matter thug. Marc Laquon slowed down his car, before hitting the gas and aiming at three police officers outside a convenience store in Phoenix, Arizona. One officer suffered a head injury, another a broken leg and the third a minor injury. They got into an all-out fight with the guy before finally taking the asshat down.


The thug was arrested yesterday evening. Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner said, “they were victims of an unprovoked, violent, intentional attack. These officers could have easily been killed, and I thank God we’re not planning three funerals right now.” They were indeed lucky, because when you watch the video, you would swear someone should have been killed. He rammed the car right into that store and then got out to finish the job. Those officers were very, very lucky.

From LEO Affairs:

Graphic video is now being released of a violent attack on officers who were standing in front of a convenience store in Arizona.

The suspect, identified as Marc Laquon Payne, 44, was arrested Tuesday evening.

Payne, according to surveillance video, slowed down before accelerating and intentionally driving into three officers
who were standing outside of a QuikTrip gas station in what’s being described as a deliberate action aimed at the officers.

According to, an officer who recently graduated from the police academy suffered a head injury, an officer with 8 years experience suffered a minor injury, and a sergeant with 18 years on the job suffered a broken leg.

This was definitely an intentional attack. No doubt about it.

Investigators said the officers were standing in the parking lot around 2 am when the male driver hit them, struck a police car and crashed through the front of the store. Two officers were transported to a hospital with serious injuries, but are expected to be okay. The third officer was able to jump out of the way but sustained some injuries during a struggle with the driver during the arrest. The guy was uber violent. It looked like they tasered him multiple times.

“We are confident this was an intentional act,” said Yahner. “It’s not acceptable.” Chief Yahner says Payne, 44, will face three charges of attempted first-degree murder, and two counts of aggravated assault.

“I am outraged by this incident,” said Yahner. “Our Phoenix police officers were targeted. We have all heard about officers being targeted and ambushed across this nation. But this happened here. This happened in Phoenix. This happened to your Phoenix police officers.” It was the first day on the job for one of those officers involved.

I’m just thankful they are all okay. Black Lives Matter hasn’t gone away and hasn’t stopped hunting police officers. Watch your backs out there guys.

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