This Shoe Company Just BANNED Ivanka Trump Products And Brags About it Online!! BOYCOTT

Dude. just ban Ivanka Trump’s product line and then bragged about it on social media, as keyboard warriors do.

Lets put a little perspective down on the table for these idiots. Just for fun.

Donald Trump has just won the 2017 Election for President. It was an election that had everything going against him, even his own party. People said it couldn’t be done, and he kept proving them wrong. YET, all the polls, and big mouths kept saying…he couldn’t win. There was NO WAY he could win.

Then comes election night, and Trump flips the Democrat party, the Republican party, and all the #NeverTrumpers, #BlackLivesMatter, and mental liberals the BIGGEST middle-finger of ALL TIME!

Not only did he win, but he won with such a landslide that all the nay saying douche bags out there…were silent for the first time. Words failed them and they were in a state of MIND BLOWING numbness. (Before the rage kicked in of course)

NOW! Lets go back to topic of this article. bans Ivanka’s product line then brags about it on social media.


America has just shown them who they support…WAIT, let me be more clear:

The WORKING AMERICAN CLASS has just shown them who they support as their President…and then they shut down his daughter’s product line and pat themselves on the back.


Joke is on their asses! They just catered to a MINIMAL group of people…THAT DON’T EVEN HAVE JOBS! If they did, they wouldn’t be out on the streets day in and day out being total a-holes. Oh wait..they do get that $1500 from their puppet master who is paying them to be there protesting…but lets face it, that isn’t going to shoes, that’s going to weed and new video games.

Go ahead take a minute to think about this….


My response…


Now, just like the NFL and PEPSI … is going to feel the power of the BOYCOTT! Because, republicans don’t go out on the streets and destroy their country. First, they have jobs, and second they have brains.

So they BOYCOTT!

Clearly, enough said.

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