Man Kills 1 In Shooting Rampage Before Coming Face-To-Face With His WORST NIGHTMARE In Corner – Now He’s Dead

A man and his wife were at a restaurant when an armed thug walked into the venue and opened fire on a male employee. The 48-year-old suspect fatally shot the unsuspecting employee who was just there doing his job, trying to earn a living to pay his bills and enjoy his life like an American living the dream.

The man and his wife didn’t appreciate the actions of the gunman. The husband told his wife to take cover and that’s when it went down. The husband was packing heat and engaged fire with the rabid gunman. The husband put the suspect out of his misery right there on the spot, blood all over as the dope lay there bleeding out and wishing he didn’t just commit the most senseless shooting in history.

It was all over before police arrived. The woman’s husband revealed that he was carrying, legally, and spoke to the authorities to tell what happened.

A customer with a concealed-carry license intervened to stop a gunman Wednesday inside a Dallas-area sports bar, FOX 4 reported.

The gunman and an employee were killed at Arlington’s Caliente Sports Bar & Grill.

 About a dozen customers were at the restaurant when a 48-year-old man walked in with a gun at around 6pm local time.

According to police, the gunman confronted a male employee and fatally shot him. At that point, a male customer who was at the restaurant with his wife engaged the shooter.

“He told his wife to get down and get away because he was carrying a firearm on his person. And he made the decision to engage the shooter at that point fearing there would be other loss of life or additional shooting at the restaurant,” said Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook.

Police said the man notified them that he has a concealed-carry permit for the handgun.

The video suggests that the shooter specifically targeted the male victim who was an employee of the establishment. The video also reports that the shooter did not appear to work there so that relatively rules out a workplace dispute.

I’d like to know what this man’s motivation was, but doesn’t look like we’ll get any answers out of him.

What’s funny is that this is Texas and I wonder if there’s a large portion of people carrying legally concealed weapons. If I knew there was a good chance that many other people in a restaurant were carrying weapons, then I certainly wouldn’t choose that as my location to commit a crime. There will be someone who fights back and shoots back. In this case, that’s exactly what happened. A regular everyday citizen neutralized the threat and prevented the shooter from taking more lives.

It’s just a shame that the man wasn’t able to shoot the shooter before he shot the employee.

If we have to wonder about the motive, then I can guess that it was either drug related or had to do with a possible love triangle that was discovered and this man was on the bad end of the stick. Or perhaps it was a gambling debt that went unpaid and this is the result. You play the game, then you better pay the chips.

What if we learn that the man who stormed the restaurant and shot the employee was actually a victim? What if we find out that the employee did something terrible to the man and that’s why he shot the guy? And then we find out that a good person was actually shot?

That would be terrible news. However, the man should not have shot the employee in a public place and put all those people at risk of injury. It’s probably traumatizing for some people to watch a wild west Texas shootout while they’re trying to enjoy a meal and there’s blood spatter on their drink glass.

Two people are gone and two sets of friends and families will suffer through this loss that did not have to happen. Whatever the problem was, I’m sure it could’ve been worked out in a different manner. We really need to stop shooting at each other. That’s a shout out from Texas to Chicago! We’ve seen that Chicago residents have a hard time not shooting each other, but if they would just give it a chance, then I’m sure they’d enjoy it.

Don’t mess with the bull in Texas!

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