SH*TTY SITUATION: Thug Sees A Woman Walking, Then Begins Attacking Her With A Bag of Sh*T!

A thug was recently arrested for attacking two different women with human feces. The man was 42-year old Ekwan Hill of Brooklyn who was taken into police custody early Friday morning. He had been tracked down in his home bureau in a homeless shelter no less.

He is currently being held at the East Harlem Special Victims Unit jail where his victims are expected to identify him. His charges are forcible touching and assault. When police officers escorted him from the police precinct to another vehicle in the afternoon reporters asked him the reason why he did what he did. His response,

God did it,” he said.

The victim is reportedly a 27-year old who was walking on East 74th Street close to the First Avenue on the Upper East Side around approximately 6:00 P.M. on Monday. The suspect came up from behind the woman and grabbed her by the waist and proceeded to shove a bag of feces down her pants.

After he grabbed her butt cheeks, Hill threw a rubber glove onto the sidewalk and ran from the scene.

Here’s video of the shocking attack.

One witness was Felix Martinez who was a garage attendant working during the time the victim ran in asking for help.

Martinez said,

That somebody threw *expletive* in her pants, and she was crying. She was terrified, she was shaking, she couldn’t talk, and telling me ‘please help me, somebody attacked me.”

He said she appeared to have feces on her.

Here is Hill’s statement he made upon his arrest. In his statement he mentions Louis Farrakhan.

The Chief of Detectives Robert Bryce stated that another incident that was similar occurred 17 blocks away near East 91st Street several hours prior. The suspect threw feces and hit a 33-year old female in the torso and face. It’s unknown if a bag was used during the attack.

He said,

Really disgusting attacks. We think it’s the same male, a completely deranged person from what we can tell.”

It gives a completely new meaning to the phrase, “I had a shi*** day.”

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