SICK: #BlackLivesMatter Youths Assault Random White Kid On Metro Train (VIDEO)

There are a number of people who will say with a straight face that “black people can’t be racist.” Yes – according to them, only white people can be racist because racism equals “power plus privilege.”

I must’ve missed that in the dictionary. Indeed, the “power plus privilege” equation appears to be the only math equation that liberals do know. And by that logic, does that mean that black people can’t assault white people because assault equals “power plus privilege”?

Who knows – let’s see how liberals respond to this story, courtesy of the Gateway Pundit:

Metro Transit Police have arrested a person for assaulting another passenger on a Green Line Metro train.

Police said the second-degree assault happened as the train was at the Prince George’s Plaza station at around 12:10 p.m on Monday.

Video of the alleged incident posted on Twitter showed the person of interest wearing a red shirt and hat approaching the seated victim and striking him in the head. The person of interest is then seen attempting to assault the victim again along with another person before the video ends.

And FYI to the BLM idiots – we live in such a “racist” society that blacks commit eight times more crimes against whites than the reverse, despite the white population being five times greater than the white population.

Think you’ll ever see that fact make its way onto MSNBC? I doubt it.

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