SICK Footage Shows What Muslims Could Do With HUGE Stock Of Cellphones


From Mad World: Mystery and concern surrounding the recent suspicious accumulation of hundreds of cellphones in Missouri, in just one week’s time, has now come to a terrifying head. New video has emerged that shows possible plans for these phones, and the video release cannot be coincidental.

Earlier this week, we reported about two Muslim men having purchased 60 untraceable cellphones in a Missouri Walmart during the early morning hours on Saturday. The instance has only gotten more concerning by the day, as stores and police departments in the surrounding areas have come forward, reporting what they witnessed around the same time, involving the same type of suspects and phones.

Muslim men buying up hoards of cellphones with cash, and making the purchase at odd hours, definitely doesn’t sound like an honest endeavor. Now we have legitimate reason to believe it’s not, based on a video the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) just conveniently released, and it’s far worse than officials thought.

SICK Footage Shows What Muslims Plan To Due With HUGE Stock Of Cellphones

While the terror group is know to post propaganda footage to perpetuate fear in their targets, the chilling connection this footage has to recent events is too coincidental to have been an accident. It seems that there is a new and solid plan behind cellphones specifically, and the video shows exactly what they could be used to do.

We must warn you, proceed in watching this gruesome footage at your own risk. 

This elaborate execution video of two captives of ISIS in Syria shows a new killing tactic the terrorist are advertising, which entails burring explosives underground and placing a victim in the hot spot. The victims are seemingly unaware of what’s right under foot, until the masked jihadist cavalierly pulls out his mobile phone — like the ones purchased in bulk in Missouri — and presses a single button to detonate it, blowing the victim to pieces.

With all the gruesome and increasingly depraved methods the group films of themselves killing infidels, this one seems to be a premonition of what we can expect in the coming days, here in our country. With all these phones in Muslims hands, right before a huge Christian holiday, the threat cannot be overlooked. Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to terrorists operations, and this connection is no exception.
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