SICK!!! Leftists DEMAND Homosexual Disney Character

The left loves nothing more than interjecting sex and moral relativism into every facet of American life. Those who wish to pee in peace are now disallowed to do so as the federal government deems it to be a “right” of men to use women’s restrooms and vice-versa.

Now, this same brand of obnoxious social crusading is threatening to affect your kids’ favorite movies. Social media and liberal mainstream media outlets are frenzied with an obsession to make Disney characters into homosexuals.

Online, there is a massive effort to make Elsa, the protagonist of the wildly popular “Frozen” Disney movie, a homosexual.

Using the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, social justice warriors are voicing their desire to see the Disney character made homosexual. Many have posited that Disney is too focused on reinforcing a traditional standard of romance… you know, the very same standard of romance that has existed as the norm for 97%+ of the world and which has existed as a pillar of all civilizations for thousands of years and was totally acceptable until very, very, very recently.

Western civilization’s concepts of marriage have remained static for thousands of years. Still, liberal social justice warriors seeking to overthrow this concept pretend that believing in this static concept that has stood for thousands of years is so very outdated and bigoted.

Recently, a Vanity Fair writer voiced disappointment at the fact that Captain America was not a homosexual.

Further, GLAAD gave Disney a failing grade on their “Studio Responsibility Index” for not pushing homosexuality enough in their films.

The Human Rights Campaign also criticized, saying, “for LGBTQ youth who struggle to find acceptance, openly LGBTQ characters in movies and TV shows can become role models, providing inspiration and support to those who truly need it.”

Because, as we all know, our self-worth should be derived from movies and cartoons…

Disney has thus far refused to bend to the keyboard warriors who maintain that everybody wants to see a homosexual princess.

Though there are many out there who are bored enough to concern themselves with this kind of nonsense, Disney appears to understand something that these special snowflakes don’t: many, many parents are likely tired of having this agenda shoved in their face everywhere they turn and these same parents are likely even less thrilled to have this agenda shoved in their children’s faces.

Thus, if Disney is smart, they will avoid pleasing the bored social justice warriors with a move that could potentially alienate millions of parents.

Disney movies frequently reinforce positive messages of tolerance and acceptance. They preach good values, but that’s not enough. To the homosexual crusaders, tolerance is never enough; complete obedience and celebration of their lifestyle is the desired goal.

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