THIS IS SICK!!! A Little Girl Is Trying On Clothes At Target When She Spots A Creepy Object Above Her

What harm could possibly come from allowing men into the bathrooms and changing rooms of women and girls?

Unfortunately, one young girl found out at a Target in Frisco, Texas.

The girl ran out of her dressing room stall and informed the store’s staff that a man had been photographing her while she was changing.

This man is believed to have used a cell phone to video or photograph a juvenile female in the female portion of the changing rooms at the Super Target store located at 3201 Preston Road in Frisco. (credit: Frisco Police Department)

Surveillance picture of the suspect via Frisco Police.

“The man was in a female dressing room at the Target and was seen by the victim, over the wall with his cell phone, taking photos of the victim,” Officer Benito Valdez told CBS.

Valdez described the suspect as “a skinny, white, man, approximately 5’11 in height, with dark hair. He was last seen wearing a dark color baseball style hat.”

It’s far from the first incident of this nature to happen at a Target store where the company-wide decision to let people use bathrooms and dressing rooms based on “gender identity” has come under fire.

In March, a Pennsylvania woman said she was videotaped while changing in a Target dressing room .

Last April a man in Brentwood, Missouri was arrested for filming women in one’s of the store’s changing areas.

In 2012, a Florida man was arrested for the same crime at one of the super store’s locations.  And just this month at another Florida Target, a pervert previously convicted of harassing women was confronted after approaching a young lady looking at bathing suits.

Almost all of these incidents happened prior to Target deciding there was nothing wrong with men and women sharing intimate facilities.

And now the Obama Justice Department has threatened North Carolina, the first state to enact a common sense law to ban the shared bathroom practice.

Because people like President Obama and those who run stores like Target are more concerned with being politically correct than they are with actually being correct.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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