SICK! The Militant LGBT Wants To Take On Trump With ‘Make America Gay Again’ Collection

I’m really tired of this being shoved down our throats. Why is your sex life anyone’s business? This just shows you how the left wants to be in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, backyard. They want to be controlling you in every part of your life.

You wanna be gay? Go right ahead…no one is stopping you.. nor hating you for it. Why do we need to constantly shove this down everyone’s throats? These are the same people that lecture Christians. No.. we don’t need to ‘Make America Gay Again’.

The LGBT is a militant group. Plenty of gays that don’t want the spotlight constantly on them..And I don’t blame them. What goes on in your life is no ones business. But the left wants to make it everyone’s business.  The left is nothing but a bunch of Totalitarian freak shows.


From Daily Mail

American Apparel has taken on Donald Trump with a new clothing collection featuring an adapted version of his campaign slogan urging the nation to ‘Make America Gay Again’.

The collaboration between the clothing brand and organizations Human Rights Campaign and The Ally Coalition, co-founded by musician Jack Antonoff, includes limited edition T-shirts, tank tops, a red hat and a tote bag.

Statement piece: American Apparel has collaborated with equality organizations Human Rights Campaign and The Ally Coalition in a new Pride '16 collection featuring a 'Make America Gay Again' cap, pictured

Donation: A percentage of sales from the collection, pictured, will go towards federal non-discrimination bill the Equality Act

The collection aims to raise awareness of LGBTQ rights and 30 per cent of American Apparel’s sales will be donated to the Equality Act, a federal non-discrimination bill, and the fight to end discrimination. Read More

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