SICK: “Protesters” Do the Unthinkable at Memorial for the 2 Fallen NYPD Officers


After months of protests featuring racially-motivated and anti-police rhetoric, someone finally turned that rhetoric into reality, gunning down two NYPD officers in a premeditated assassination.

Although they deny it, and act as though they had no hand in the matter, the people who supported the protestors, like President Obama and his good buddy Al Sharpton, along with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, bear some responsibility for the execution-style murders.

Despite Mayor de Blasio calling for something of a “moratorium” on protests until after the slain officers are laid to rest, protestors still descended upon the makeshift memorial for the fallen NYPD officers, yelling at the officers paying their respects to their deceased comrades, according to Breitbart.

CNN correspondent Sara Ganim was forced to admit that protestors were yelling their usual chants and obscenities at other NYPD officers who were at the memorial.

“I do, just in full disclosure, want to say that in the last couple of minutes, for the first time today, we’ve seen protesters come out here and start yelling at groups of police who are mourning their slain police officers.”

She continued “it’s just a few of them, Suzanne, and like I said, just in the last five minutes, and they’re quite frankly yelling at a group of police officers who are standing here silently, just looking at the memorial of candles and flowers and posters, and they’re yelling similar rhetoric that we’ve been hearing over the last couple of weeks related to the shooting of — the chokehold death of Eric Garner and the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri.”

Fox News radio host and contributor Todd Starnes weighed in on the disturbing development with a post toFacebook.

Todd Starnes FB post

Sadly, Starnes is most likely right.  It takes a special kind of person to yell at and protest men and women trying to pay respects to their friends and co-workers that were senselessly murdered by someone spurred on and inspired by the very same protestors screaming at the grieving officers.

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