SICK: Republicans Blamed For Shooter’s Death As Congressman ls In Critical Condition – Here’s Why

A man shot up a GOP baseball team, striking Republican Representative Steve Scalise, and several others during their practice. The shooter is an older gentlemen who supports Bernie Sanders and apparently drove nearly 800 miles to take his shots at the Republican government.

Social media was in an uproar with people voicing their opinions left and right, trying to get more retweets than each other because no one really cares what anyone actually says on social media – it’s always about the “likes” and “retweets.”

But in the midst of the raining Twitter storm that ensued after the shooting, like it does after every big crime headline, there was one Tweet who stood out in the tiny drops of bullsh*t that no one actually ever reads. It was Markos Moulitsas, founder of left-wing websites Vox and Daily Kos, who seemed to blame the Republicans for this terrible shooting. I don’t recall Republicans asking for people to be shot. Can someone point me in the direction where a GOP member wants anyone to ever get hurt?

So what was the point of Markos Moulitsas’ Tweet? Was it to gain attention or was he serious? If for attention, then fine – we get it. Everyone Tweets for attention and wants the next biggest trending topic. But if he was serious, then we have a bigger issue to talk about. People on the moderate right and left don’t want anyone to be hurt. Perhaps some extremists wish violence, but we see the majority of that perpetrated violence stemming from intolerant liberals who don’t realize they’re the problem and the reason Trump won Presidency in the first place.

Republican Representative Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, and his aides were shot during baseball practice on Wednesday morning.

Scalise was shot in the hip and tried to drag himself off the field after he was shot.

The shooter was a Bernie supporter who was obsessed with Trump-Russia conspiracy theories perpetuated by the liars in the left-wing media. The founder of left-wing blogs Daily Kos and Vox, Markos Moulitsas says, “Republicans are getting what they want.”

What Republicans want is for people to stop complaining about everything that offends them, stop with the politically correct nonsense, and stop thinking feelings can argue with facts. But nowhere in anyone’s agenda does anyone say “I would love for some older fella to shoot up a baseball practice” or do they want anyone to get hurt. We’re all Americans and we’re all in this together. We need to come to workable conclusions and solutions that benefit as many Americans as possible.

Markos Moulitsas was responding to a one year old tweet from Sen. Rand Paul who was quoting Judge Napolitano: ‘Why do we have a Second Amendment? It’s not to shoot deer. It’s to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical.”

This is the left. A violent political faction celebrating a Congressman getting shot by one of their own.

No one is being tyrannical. People are living their lives and doing their thing, but there’s no tyranny in action. What we do have, is a batch of leftists who STILL don’t realize that the President is not changing. Trump is in. He won months ago and people still won’t let it go. It’s the longest high school grudge I’ve seen in quite a while and it’s hilarious because it makes me feel like I’m watching high school girls have drama over boys.

This isn’t high school. This is adulthood and when you have grown-ups protesting months later because they don’t like someone, then that’s pathetic. If Trump went around causing chaos like a dictator, then even his supporters would turn on him and run him out. Trust me on this, the Republican citizens criticize Trump too. If you think Trump can do no wrong by the judgment of Republicans, then you’re extremely incorrect.

Republicans will criticize Trump just as much, if not more than a leftist would.

So is that what Republicans want? Some guy shooting up a ball practice? Not at all. That’s a liberal agenda that seemingly falls under that whole “resist” notion that you see the Antifa basement dwellers pushing for. Chill out, folks. Let’s see what happens in the first year and take it from there. If Trump screws up big time, then we will ALL tell him about it.

Stop the violence. Start working towards real progress which is working together.

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