SICK: As Rioters BURN Milwaukee, Look What Obama Is Caught Doing…


Well, I think the DNC found a round of speakers for their convention next election cycle.

Following the death of black suspect Sylville Smith at the hands of a black police officer, race riots broke out in Milwaukee, though nobody can explain why. A number of businesses were burned to the ground, which, given the city’s demographics, were likely black owned businesses.

And family members of Smith are no better. His cousin blamed the riots on police not doing their job (hint: they were), and both his sisters encouraged rioters to take their violence to the suburbs. Only Smith’s father expressed regret for not raising his son better, who had a lengthy rapsheet, and was carrying an illegal firearm at the time of his death. Along with the firearm he obtained illegally, he had also stolen over 500 rounds of ammunition, that would’ve likely taken many more black lives.

And where is Obama to comment on the madness in Milwaukee?

Via the Young Cons

Where’s Obama?

Why hasn’t he said anything about the riot?

Qiuet please.

HRH Obama is about to tee off.

This is literally just about the fifth day in a row Obama has played golf.

He’s done so over 300 times since taking office in January, 2009.

If you’re not great at math, that’s nearly a year.

Nearly 1/8th of Obama’s presidency has consisted of playing golf on our dime.

Personally, I think it’s pretty obvious why Obama hasn’t commented on this particular police shooting: it doesn’t fit the narrative. Had Smith been unarmed, and the officer who shot him been white, we’d see him cut that game of golf short to express his condolences to the family.

I bet we’d even be told that if he had a son, he’d look just like Sylville Smith.