SICK: The Gross Device Bathrooms Across America Are Getting Just to Keep Muslims Happy


Dog baths! they are installing cute little doggy baths! We ask everyone to wash your dogs in these, and if you have pets pigs wash those too! 

(Conservative Tribune) School prayer? Sorry, no can do. Displaying the Ten Commandments? Again, nope. Using taxpayer dollars for a communal foot-washing stall on a college campus for Muslim students? Sure, why not!

That’s at least what was discovered by Aaron Bridges, an employee at the University of Georgia. Bridges wondered why this mop sink was installed in a bathroom when there was a janitorial closet just outside of the lavatories.

“Well after talking to the ‘HMFIC’ or supervisor, they were then told that a Muslim group of students on campus have been pushing for a foot washing station on campus,” Bridges wrote in a Facebook post.

As Bridges wrote (in a slightly less eloquent fashion), Muslims are supposed to wash their hands and feet before prayer. With bathroom sinks, the hands were no problem.


However, students complained that they had to bring their feet up to the sink to wash them for prayers, so these were built. I’m sure this is an absolutely hygienic solution to the problem and no outbreaks of athlete’s foot will be reported among the Muslim student population.

Keep in mind that these were erected at the University of Georgia, which isn’t a private institution. In some small way, the tax dollars of everyday Georgians are being used for something specifically used for Muslim prayer.

Can you imagine this being done for a Christian or Jewish group on campus?

“Keep in mind at Madison County high school it was voted to change a Bible verse on a monument (because) it could offend non Christian religions,” Bridges wrote.

“A lot of NCAA schools are getting rid of team Chaplins in fear of offending someone … Our country’s going to hell in a hand basket folks, we’re slowly turning our back on God.”

Another hypocritical waste of your tax dollars, thanks to the University of Georgia.

H/T Mad World News

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